The Administration Department helps the City Administrator manage the functions of other City Departments and oversees the implementation of the City Council's policies and decisions. In addition to coordinating Council activities, Administration is also responsible for Human Resources and the duties of City Clerk.

Administrative Functions

  • Plans, organizes, and administers the City to ensure a coordinated and efficient effort to meet goals and objectives established by the City Council.
  • Coordinates the operation of all departments in City government including personnel, equipment, programs and facilities to ensure citizens promptly receive high quality products and service.
  • Provides staff support to the City Council and other City boards and commissions.
  • Coordinates City activities involving civic organizations and other government agencies on a wide variety of community issues and projects.
  • Prepares the annual City budget.
  • Prepares meeting agendas and minutes for City Council meetings.
  • Coordinates personnel services for all City departments. If you are interested in available positions at the City of Cloquet, visit the employment section of the website.
  • Administers licenses and permits.
  • Manages City records retention program and Data Practices inquires.
  • Administers local and state elections.
  • Coordinates the activities of the City Attorney's Office.