Animal FAQ

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  • How many dogs or cats can I have in my home?

    Per City Code Section 8.2.03, it is unlawful for a person to keep, harbor, or have custody of more than three (3) dogs or three (3) cats or a combination of (3) over the age of 6 months at one time.

  • Can I let my pet run loose?

    No. Owners of all dogs and cats within the City limits of Cloquet are required to keep animals from running at large, this includes all City parks, per City Code Chapter 8.

  • What do I do if a neighbor's dog is continually barking?

    Section 8.2.05 of the Municipal Code states in relevant parts that: “The owner of any dog shall prevent the dog from committing any act in the City of Cloquet which constitutes a nuisance.” In the case of barking this is defined as disturbing the peace by excessively, habitually, or frequently barking, yelping, howling, or crying.

    If a neighbor’s dog is continually barking, the first action you should take is to discuss the pet’s unacceptable behavior with the owner of the pet. If the pet’s behavior is not modified, please contact the Police Department non-emergency number 218-384-4185.

  • When I am walking my dog, am I responsible for picking up the droppings?

    Yes. Section 8.3 of the Municipal Code requires that the owners of all pets and animals within the City of Cloquet properly pick up and dispose of any animal waste produced by an animal.