Building Code/Inspections FAQ

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  • Do I need a building permit if I am doing the work myself?


  • Do I need a building permit to construct a fence?

    Only if the fence is 2.5 feet and more in height (above grade.)

  • Do I need a building permit to re-roof or re-side my house?

    Yes. A permit is also required to replace windows. This includes repairs resulting from storm damage that involves replacing roofing, siding and/or windows

  • How are inspections for any new deck addition scheduled?

    Call the Community Development Department to schedule an inspection. Inspections are required for the footings (or post holes), framing, and a final when the job is completed.

  • How are the costs of the building permit determined for my new deck addition?

    Permit fees are based on the total value of the work. This should include the cost of materials plus labor. If doing your own work, a labor cost estimate can be used which is at least equal to the cost of material.

  • What information should I have if I wish to obtain a building permit for my new deck addition?

    An application form, which is available at City Hall, is generally all that is required. The application process requires the parcel code number of the property where construction is being done and a drawing of the property showing the deck location (site plan). In some cases, a more elaborate deck design will require more detailed construction plans. Handouts are available at City Hall.

  • What rights do I have as a tenant in Minnesota?

  • When are building permits required?

    Building permits are required for any work performed in the City that involves structural changes, changes in use of the structure, additional square footage, building alterations (siding, windows and roofing), etc., and new buildings over 120 square feet in area. Permits are also required for certain non-building work, such as fences that are 2.5 feet and more in height and retaining walls over 4 feet in height.

  • Who do I contact about obtaining a building permit?

    The City of Cloquet is here to assist you in obtaining a building permit. Matt Munter, Building Official, can hep you with questions regarding building, plumbing, water, sewer, or mechanical permits. If you have any questions regarding plumbing permits, contact the State Plumbing Inspector, Brad Jensen at (218) 733-7839, or the State Plumbing Office at (651) 284-5067. If you have questions regarding electrical permits, contact the State Electrical Inspector Jim Killian at (218) 851-9648, or the MN Department of Labor & Industry at (651) 284-5064.