Cloquet Police Bike Patrol Unit

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Although very seldom heard about, the Cloquet Police Department utilizes officers on bikes as another means of delivering service to the citizens of Cloquet. Uniformed police officers ride bikes when weather conditions and staffing levels are appropriate.

The Cloquet Police Department has one bike that is rotated between officers for use. They have purchased specialized equipment through the department and with their own money to get this program up and running. Bike officers are not only used in patrolling areas of the City but are also used at special events. When special events occur, large crowds of people make it impossible at times for squad cars to get around. The bike becomes a valuable tool as officers are able to ride into areas where squad cars are not able.

Some benefits of bike patrol are:

  • Cost effective in comparison to a patrol car,
  • Officers can travel faster and farther then if they were on foot and are able to gain access to places unreachable by a car,
  • Bicycles give officers a stealth advantage because they are silent and cops on bikes can ride up to the scene of a crime before they are noticed and utilize both the patrol and detectives,
  • Bikes are a great public relations tool and an officer on a bike is much more approachable than one in a squad car.