Officer Training

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Police officers in the State of Minnesota are required to have a minimum of 48 hours of training every three years to maintain their license. The Cloquet Police Department officers meet this license requirement by participating in training, which is mandated by the State. It is offered locally by Arrowhead Regional Training. Annually, this includes four hours of class room training in the use of force and deadly force, five hours of hands on training on chemical aerosol sprays, handcuffing, and impact weapons. Firearms training consists of the use in shot gun, handgun, and rifle competency to be demonstrated by the officer several times a year. The state also requires a one day training session every three years in precision driving techniques.

Cloquet Officers have participated in a number of other training opportunities. Training is designated toward the skill level and the responsibilities the officer has to the department and to the community. For newly hired patrol officers, some examples of training would be street survival, intoxilyzer operator, and crime scene preservation. Training examples for detectives would include computer forensic training, fraud, and child interview techniques. The supervisors and the Deputy Chief have been offered classes such as leadership supervisory and management training.

Continuing Education opportunities are available for all officers to stay current with changing laws and procedures, as well as maintaining and enhancing law enforcement techniques to benefit the officer, the department, and to better serve the citizens of Cloquet.