Investigations Division

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The Detective division includes Detective Darrin Berg, Derek Randall and Scott Holman.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Combating narcotics and prescription drug abuse,
  • Improving collaboration with other agencies,
  • Learning about and combating local gang activity with the assistance of the Fond du Lac Police Department and Department of Corrections,
  • Utilizing the Automated Pawn System to successfully locate stolen items, and;
  • Building Cloquet PD's cyber crimes/forensics lab.

The Detective Division continues to confront the epidemic of methamphetamine and prescription drug-related abuse cases. There have been several burglaries such as home intrusion burglaries that occur where individuals knock on doors to see if anyone is home and if they feel the home is empty they will gain entry and steal items from the residence. Another way they gain entry is to simply use the home owner's garage door openers. If a car is left in the driveway with its doors open and there is a garage door opener, the suspect can gain entry to the garage and if its an attached garage, the home. Keeping car doors locked would greatly deter these criminals.

As stated earlier, methamphetamine arrests are still on the rise; offenders are becoming more violent due to the fact that several firearms have been seized with suspected dealers and users.

Another fast growing problem within the detective division is internet crimes. These crimes involve either sexual or financial gain from victims using the internet. With this type of crime, detectives must work with out of area or state agencies to try and gather evidence related to this type of crime. Detective Randall has been to various seminars related to these crimes, however, tools needed for this type of investigation can be very expensive which we will work around to and move forward.

Another aspect of investigations is the fast growing field of crime scene evidence recovery. Every year evidence recovery can change in regards to techniques and court testimony. Detectives have been fortunate to receive training needed to stay on top of this fast paced field of investigation. To date, detectives have linked four suspects to burglaries with fingerprint identification and two through DNA evidence, thanks in part to educational seminars and schools detectives have been allowed to attend.