Sex Offenders

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The Cloquet Police Department has in place a process to identify and monitor registered sex offenders living within the city. A standardized notification process is followed when offenders are being released back into our community. Under Minnesota State Statute, the police department is required to make community notifications when certain types of offenders are released into the community. Sex offenders are divided into three categories, ranging from the least likely to re-offend, level one, to a level three which is an offender most likely to re-offend.

There continues to be several level one and two offenders in Cloquet at this time and detectives are following up on these people throughout the year. These people are required to register with our department to ensure updated information is collected such as, vehicle information, current photos, DNA samples are provided by the offender if requested by the BCA.

Community Notification Sex Offender System

This is a program to handle state mandated community notification for sex offenders in our community. We currently have several Level one and two sex offenders living in our community. Level one and two offenders are the least likely to re-offend.

Predatory Offender Search

This link allows the public to search the BCA database for non-compliant predatory offenders by first name, last name, age (+/- 5 years), and location. Those predatory offenders whose registration with the BCA is up to date will not be available through this search.