Street System

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There are approximately 100 miles of streets and highways within the City of Cloquet and these are owned and maintained by several jurisdictions. The City is responsible for approximately 85 miles of these roadways and the remaining are maintained by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT), the Carlton County Transportation Department and the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation.

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Cloquet’s Street Improvement Program

To plan and finance major street and utility improvements, the Public Works Department develops a Five Year Capital Improvement Program for review and approval by the City Council. For potential projects, other than those initiated by the City, residents and property owners may petition the City Council to consider various projects to be included in the Five Year Plan. This will initiate a process to study the project’s feasibility, its estimated cost and how it might be financed.

In accordance with Chapter 12 of the Municipal Code, certain costs associated with street and utility improvements may be assessed or billed back to properties along the project route. All assessments associated with a project may be paid for over a period of up to ten years and are available with no down payment. Assessment periods can run between three and twenty years depending on the size and cost of the project.

Prior to proceeding with any improvements, the City is required to hold a public hearing on the project, at which time the proposed project is discussed in further detail and owners are informed of the costs that will be assessed or billed to them as a result of the improvement.

Five Year Street Improvement Program (Major Projects)

  • 2015: 8th St Sanitary Sewer Outfall Reconstruction
  • 2016: 3rd St Reconstruction - Cloquet Ave to Carlton Ave
  • 2017: West Selmser Ave Side St Reconstruction
  • 2018: West End Arch St/Park Ave Reconstruction
  • 2019: Jasper St Reconstruction (Phase 1)

Overnight On-Street Parking Restrictions

Unless signed otherwise, on-street parking is allowed throughout Cloquet, except during the winter months. In accordance with Section 5.4.05 of the City Code, during the period from November 1 of each year to March 31st of the following year, no parking is allowed on any city street, alley, boulevard, sidewalk between the hours of midnight and 6:00 AM.